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Cecilia, Brazil... My life is a mess because I read and eat too much, my feelings are completely weird and I recently joined the 5SOSFandon HEY ASHTON ILYSM

Dear Marlene King.


  • Spencer has been arrested.
  • Toby’s in a wheelchair.
  • Paily kissed.
  • Bethany and Alison knew eachother.
  • Alison is (maybe but not likely but still possibly) A??
  • Mona. Is. Dead.
  • Ali or literally any cast member in a blonde wig could have killed her.
  • We saw her body.


Literally the only happy thing about this episode was Ezra making pie and Emily’s love for Christmas. 

— Everyone watching the finale (via prettylittletheories-a)


let’s play a game called, “guess whose backyard mona’s body is going to be buried in?”





Get to know Adelaide Kane (insp.)

"So you were never a saint
And I’ve loved in shades of wrong
We learn to live with the pain
Mosaic broken hearts
State of Grace  (via numb-by-time)

Daenerys Targaryen meme + (2/6) traits or emotions ► 500% done with your shit


When 5sos do something idiotic
Ashton (a.k.a) 5sos
Calum (a.k.a) TwitterFam
Luke (a.k.a) TumblrFam


When 5sos do something idiotic

Ashton (a.k.a) 5sos

Calum (a.k.a) TwitterFam

Luke (a.k.a) TumblrFam

 a l l      w e     a r e        i s      s k i n  &  b o n e      t r a i n e d      t o    g e t   a l o n g    //      f o r e v e r    g o i n g    w i t h     t h e     f l o w      b u t  

y o u ' r e   f r i c t i o n

The idea behind this video is we just sort of wanted to see snapshots from 5 Seconds of Summer’s past before they turned into this huge band. We wanted to see what it was like when they were still just a small garage band in Australia, like hanging out with their friends, and just capturing a sort of nostalgic kind of vibe.

#alsicebucketchallenge (x)





overprotective parents raise the best liars.

but seriously, i mean i don´t even do bad things and i have to lie a lot



"1989" co -writers


The list includes Max Martin, Shellback, Ryan Tedder, Ali Payami, Jack Antonoff, and Imogen Heap.

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